Writing a Dissertation Proposal

When you embark on your master's journey the light, or should I say dread, at the end of the tunnel is the dissertation. Suddenly, the option to change to the graduate diploma becomes much more appealing. To leave without having to attempt to write 15,000 words on any subject becomes very tempting! This all starts... Continue Reading →

Unethical Business

Unethical Business: a paper submitted as part of my MA in Theology exploring a critically theological, pastoral and practical framework for understanding and acting within a profit-driven, unjust or environmentally impacting business. How are we as Christians to live 'in' the world of unethical business, without becoming 'of' the world? Introduction Within the Christian community, there remains... Continue Reading →

A Migrant Crisis

A paper submitted as part of my MA in Theology discussing the issue of economic migration and how we as the Church should understand our theological response which feeds into the formation of action within the Church. Introduction Migration continues to be “an increasingly volatile and contentious political issue”.[1] Following the UK’s decision to leave... Continue Reading →

Choosing an MA in Theology

There were a number of questions I used in my journey to accepting a place at Regents Theological College. Once I had decided the time was right to study, I had to find where that would be. Home or Away? Cost, distance, people. When I first starting discussing studying with my mentors they encouraged me... Continue Reading →

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