An Identity in Crisis – MA Dissertation

An Identity in Crisis: A foundational Christian framework for understanding the formation and conception of the postmodern self, within contemporary culture, with particular emphasis on the issues surrounding gender identity.


This dissertation outlines a framework from which the concept of identity can be understood within contemporary culture through the examination of modern, postmodern and Christian expressions of identity through an initial understanding of the self, developed in dialogue with Charles Taylor’s Sources of the Self. This understanding of postmodern and Christian identity is then used to analyse the current contemporary issues surrounding gender identity and gender dysphoria and identifying the underlying issues that are then expressed through the current gender identity crisis. This is done through the understanding of identity as a culmination of what an individual values, and those who an individual allows to validate them. For gender, this includes analysing the purpose of the body, and the impact of objective truth on science, medicine, and morality; and crucially examining the postmodern and Christian validator through the roles of the church, God and the trans community.

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