Mission numbers: Pakistan

First off, I know it’s not all about the numbers. But I’ll counter that it’s just as bad not to record any numbers at all. We should have multiple ways of measuring impact, and one of them comes from numbers we can record. Hence, Mission numbers: Pakistan.

During our recent trip to Pakistan, we (myself and Andy) spoke at 13 different events. Most of these were in the evening, in small towns or villages, a few were done in the city centre. For each event, we recorded a rough number of attendees (queue the theme song for ‘The Price is Right’… higher or lower?) and the rough number of people who responded to the gospel. We also recorded comments about the event or any testimonies that we were able to collect, well, Andy did most of the recording…


13 talks, over 13 days. Over 5000 people in attendance. 3000+ people responded, 300+ saved*. Lot’s of people experienced the Holy Spirit, many people were healed (although collecting testimonies and verifications after the day has been difficult).

*How have I defined this?


10 May 20175 Chuk, Okara600-70050-70Many people responded to become Christians and many people came forward for prayer and healing. I remember praying for lots of people who wanted to have babies but couldn’t
11 May 2017Okara City800-90040%, 320-360Many responded to the gospel and then came forward at the end for prayers of healing. God to see the power of God manifesting on people.
Women phoned Pastor Zeeshan the next day to say that pain in legs had gone and she was healed.
12 May 201726 Chuk, Okara300 – 40060%, 180-240Church Building
We felt God saying to dance with the children so we did. We saw a massive amount of joy and love in the children.
About 40-50 children responded to the gospel and about 60% of adults responded.
Had testimony the next day of joint pain leaving somebodies body.
We loved this church and the children that we met here.
13 May 201710 Chuk, Okara200-30060%, 120-180Demonic manifestations and deliverance.
Many received prayers for healing.
14 May 2017 (AM)FGA Church, Okara200n/aWas a great Sunday morning celebrating Mothers Day with them.
About 200 people attending, as we prayed for the Holy Spirit come we saw many manifesting outwardly as they were filled with the Spirit.
14 May 2017 (PM)90 Chuk, Saliwal1000+60+%, 600+Many demonic manifestations as we prayed for people.
Feeling of uneasiness in our spirits, maybe a Jezebel Spirit in the ministry. Power hungry leaders, doing it for the money.
There was a big argument about money at the end as they had added lots of things to the bill. We told Zeeshan to let the organising ministry know that he couldn’t work with them again unless there was a trust about the money.
15 May 201745 Chuk, Okara800-90080%, 640-720Many manifested demons not a lot of prayer for specific healing as no translators were available.
We had a big welcome where we were marched through the streets of the town.
Andy H had an uneasiness in his spirit about the whole place. We didn’t want to touch the offering* this night. The children were pushed around a lot and we felt there was a spirit of control, man pleasing and unhealthy agreements made to leverage power.
We left praying for a breaking down of these strongholds. A lot of this was confirmed by the amount of demons we came across.
16 May 201775 Chuk, Saliwal200-30080%, 160-240Again several manifestations both Holy Spirit and Demonic.
We liked this meeting as not many people there and so we could pray for lots of people. Really good sense of the presence of God. We prayed for peace and filling of the Holy Spirit rather than just healing. A sense of commissioning over a group of young men.
17 May 201711 Chuk, Okara30080%, 240Many encountered Jesus, very good sense of the power of God.
18 May 201755 Chuk, Okara40080%, 320The children were lovely but the stewards were very heavy handed on them. We didn’t like their use of sticks. We made sure Pastor Zeeshan told them this.
Many people were prayed for though and touched by Jesus.
19 May 2017FGA Church, Okara City200n/aAndy Haddow preached on the gift of healing and we got the congregation to stand and pray for healing with each other. 7 testified of healing in their body. Headaches gone, pain in arm gone, voice returning, pain in back left.
20 May 201758 Chuk, Saliwal50090%, 450Really powerful meeting and we got to pray with many (though leave early due to security)
21 May 2017FGA Church, Okara200n/aAgain God touched many people as we prayed for them to have an understanding of their identity in Christ.

*Before the trip we had agreed we didn’t want to take an offering up. We were told that culturally it wouldn’t be right not to have an offering, so for this trip, we allowed it. We asked Pastor Zeeshan to make it clear the offering wasn’t for us, and the only offering that was used to support the costs of the event was the 11 May 2017.

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