Daytime Endeavours in Pakistan – Mission Trip – Part 3

During our daytime endeavours, we spent most of our time preparing (or recovering) from the evening before. On the other days, we spent time investing in our hosts, visiting Isacc TV, and praying for the people who live in the Brick Kilns.

Pastoral development

Out host pastor had previously spent two years studying for a diploma at Hampstead Bible Colleague. That’s where he met one of my mentors and how our initial connection was made. We spent some time working with here to develop his leadership skills. Focusing on getting his vision for the church down on paper, and prioritising everything that he wanted to achieve, and then setting some realistic goals/actions for the near future. We then covered a session from John Maxwell’s leadership development curriculum EQUIP – focusing on time management and learning to delegate and empower your team. ‘Soft skills’ and specifically leadership skills are something that doesn’t seem to be in focus at the moment. Both in my trip to Pakistan and during my previous time in Uganda, this was something highlighted to me as both a real need; and something the people were hungry to have more of.

Isaac TV

Through our various ‘God connections’, we had the opportunity to visit and talk on Isaac TV. A Christian TV channel in Pakistan broadcasting to the whole country (188+ million people) and streaming online. We talked on the show about the impact God has had on our lives, and then Andy gave a short talk and prayed for everyone watching.


Brick Kilns

The Brick Kilns represent the lowest end of the scale in Pakistan. People living here are living in much better conditions than those in extreme poverty, living in the slums in Uganda. But their life isn’t much better. Described in previous new articles as ‘modern-day slaves’ these people are often in heavy debt to the owners of the kilns. They work for next to nothing, and it’s not uncommon that children make up part of the workforce. We spent a very short amount of time there talking about God’s love for them. Reminding them how special they were to Him. Finally, we had the privilege of praying for them and handing out some clothes to the children.


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