Ugandan Cupid

While I haven’t had any direct proposals while here in Uganda (Portsmouth is still winning on that front), I have had a number of offers, which were of course carefully considered before politely moving the conversation onto other topics, or escaping into a taxi.
The first was rather assuming (even at the time, it was assuming). One of the guys who is part of the church was standing with a young girl and called me over. He informed me his friend had a problem that she wanted me to help with. Now I’m always happy to help people with problems, but when they don’t tell you what the problem is, and instead, just call it ‘a problem’, you have to be a little careful about agreeing to help.

Her problem was, that she didn’t have a boy friend (apparently she needed one), not just any boyfriend, but a white one, oh and he had to be a good looking white one, and not married (I should think so…) and they wondered if I could introduce her to any of my friends back at home! I explained that most of my friends were married, so I couldn’t be of much help. I also didn’t think any of my single friends would want to be setup with someone in another country who they had never met before and I hardly knew.

With all other resources exhausted, and no other options available, her friend turned to be and said “What about you? Your not married!” Feeling very honoured, that I was the last choice, behind even people they hadn’t met yet, I politely declined. A few seconds later I was able to escape as another friend left for the taxi.

That’s been my only direct offer of relationship, but there have been many people telling me they would like to find me a wife (so kind, obviously I must look like I’m struggling for myself). One lady at church informed me she was going to start praying that I would find a Ugandan wife, as Arthur was dating an American, it was only fair that I find a Ugandan wife!

While I was in Jinja, the pastor I visited offered to find me a nice Ugandan wife, and my good friend Richmond is determined to keep me from leaving. His first plan is to steal my passport and his backup option, is to find me a wife.

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