Tying the Knot

A story wouldn’t be complete without a happy ending. So it would be unfair for me not to complete the story that was one of my popular posts while in Uganda.

In the city of Columbus, Ohio, I got to wear one of the most expensive suits I shall ever own rent (it was made by Vera Wang). I had the honour of being a groomsman at Arthur and Becca’s wedding, here in the US.

Strategic, as I am, I awoke around 3:30am UK time to attend my 7:45am flight. There are advantages to being early for a flight, I can’t think of any at the moment, but I am sure there are some. I ended up at Heathrow and was through security with two hours to spare (check-in wasn’t even open when I arrived).

The logic to getting a very early flight was in offsetting the jet lag occurred with a five hour time difference. I had a row of seats to myself (no one is stupid enough to get a flight at 7:45am!) so I enjoyed the poor man’s first class experience(three seats to lie down on, with all the pillows at one end). I made it to Ohio in one piece and survived till 3am (UK time) before retiring to bed – Genius.

The wedding was hosted by Becca’s parents church and it was an excellent opportunity to be reunited with Richmond, Gerald and Rose (from Uganda). Sadly, Arthurs/Richmond’s/my Ugandan mummy was unable to get to the US, but we had a quick catch up over the phone before the ceremony began. We had succeeded in our groomsman duties. Arthur had made it to the church after a night out in a strip mall bar (strip = a line of shops) and a visit to White Castle (famous for how bad its fast food is. I couldn’t eat any of it… except some cheesecake on a stick. Yes, it came on a stick.)

Becca looked wonderful, and unlike British weddings, where the Bride and Groom tend to be rather quiet when reciting their vows, I could hear them both load and clear. Although, I am not usually standing three people away from the happy couple at British weddings, so that may have had something to do with it.


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