The Proposal – Part Three

My final post dipicting an epic saga. The story of one man, winning his bride for himself (okay, maybe a little dramatic, but this is love, I’m aloud artistic licence).

We had a agreed the previous night to wake up early to see the sun rise – that way we retained the surprise for as long as possible. Becca was handed her first clue, while the rest of us stood around slightly awkwardly (me with camera in hand), so she very quickly knew something was happening. The first picture instructed her to follow the trail we hand walked last nice, as well as reminding her of their first date together. As she followed the trail she collected up the other five photos and arrived at the heart shaped blanket.

The sun was low in the sky, bathing the water of the Nile in early morning light. Arthur emerged from his hiding place, guitar in hand, singing the song he wrote and composed for her (telling her how wonderful she is I’m sure, but we were too far away to hear). After he’d finished the song, she had tears in her eyes, he got down on one knee and presented her her grandmothers ring.

imageShortly after they embraced, and we decided that we should give them some time to themselves, and snuck away. Now we knew she was going to say yes, because sensible couples tend to discuss these things before it happens – but we left not knowing what her answer was. Was it an “I’m so sorry” embrace, or was it a “I’m so happy” embrace? Only time would tell (she said yes by the way).

I’m glad I wasn’t too close by, or I might of cried as well! After a nice breakfast they went off for some edge net photos (I didn’t realise this was a thing, but they spend several hours taking them, so they much of been important). I was able to enjoy the view, with my book in hand – as I’m in the habit of doing here.

Later that evening we had a surprise celebration for them, with friends and family members – we even had a cake which was lovingly carried on the back of a motorbike by yours truly. A proposal should be something special, that will always remain with you, and I think Arthur did an excellent job – congratulations to you both, and may it be a day you don’t easily forget.

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