Profile: Mummy Richmond aka Mummy Andy aka Antonia

Mummy Richmond has six children, who are all over the place. Richmond is one of them, who of course leaders New Life Baptist, directs the Pastors Discipleship Network (PDN), and is a spokes person for Compassion. One of her other sons, Richard, is currently in the UK working as an Associate Pastor for a church in Gloucester, married to an Italian lady. Mummy says the chocolate ice cream in Italy is the best, here it’s not so good. Her sister is a high court judge in Uganda. Mummy runs a shop about 10 minutes walk from the house, which sells dresses. She’s has decided that she will be my new mummy, and because her name begins with the same two letters, she has more of a right than my actually mum (Linda). But she did offer Pastor Richmond as an exchange. . . So that’s why she’s also known as Mummy Andy, but I think that’s only to me.

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