Saying Goodbye

Well, the “end is nigh”, all good things must come to an end, and my time in Uganda is no exception. I have to say goodbye. Although it has been an excellent experience, challenging me in many ways and allowing me to explore some family history, I’m also looking forward to returning home. During my... Continue Reading →

The True Cost of Taking a Taxi

I wanted to write a post on some practicalities of navigating around Uganda and other African nations. The private taxi system is the cheapest way of getting around (not to be confused with private hire cars) and probably the safest way of getting around (on condition you don’t walk around with all your bling on... Continue Reading →

Soroti – Part Two

PDN’s training focuses around six core competencies. The first three are covered in the conference I am attending and the second three are covered the following year. Day one focuses on theology, where Dr David will be covering a basic overview of what theology is and some basic doctrinal points. Most of these pastors have... Continue Reading →

Soroti – Part One

My final week here in Uganda has been spent in the East of Uganda, my first trip outside the central region of Uganda in a place called Soroti. Another popular destination for missionaries as we met a group from a church in Durham who were working with disabled children and then later on in my... Continue Reading →

Ndere Cultural Center, Kampala

This place is amazing. I will be the first to admit it wasn't top of my priorities to do ‘touristy’ things while I'm here in Uganda. Especially on my own, I wanted to focus on the work I was sent here to do (with isn't a bad thing, in this season). Gerald wanted to take... Continue Reading →


I still have found memories of laughing at my brothers pronunciation of motorbike as a child. Granted I was too young to remember it myself, but the memories of my mother are enough to bring a smile to anyone's face. Here in Uganda we have a great many motorbike riders here, having driven a motorbike... Continue Reading →

Driving in Uganda

So since I arrived I have been asked if I wished to drive in Uganda (my British licence allows me, or so I'm under the impression of, to drive abroad). The advantage here in Uganda is we colonised them properly and they drive on the right side of the road (we didn't do such a... Continue Reading →

A Cake to Remember

I'm coming close to the end of my time here in Uganda. Its funny how are the start of new seasons time seems to move slowly, but when the end comes into sight that perception of time changes, and suddenly you don't know where it's all gone. I've been here for just over two months... Continue Reading →

Prayer Mountain

My grandfathers grave sits in the shadow of Prayer Mountain. Above Uganda Christian University sits 72-acres of prime hotel real estate dedicated to prayer. Many years before a wealth pastor donated the land he owned and raised enough month to purchase the feast of the 72-acres before transferring it into the ownership of a non-profit... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Needs

It's important to note I'm not trying to describe doctrine in the following post, this is more food for thought, something to chew on!. Those of you who walk in christian circles are sure to of heard of spiritual gifts. You may even be able to rattle off your “top three gifts”and tell me how... Continue Reading →

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