The Proposal – Part Three

My final post dipicting an epic saga. The story of one man, winning his bride for himself (okay, maybe a little dramatic, but this is love, I'm aloud artistic licence). We had a agreed the previous night to wake up early to see the sun rise – that way we retained the surprise for as... Continue Reading →

The Proposal – Part Two

This is the second of three posts covering the very romantic proposal of too good friends here in Uganda, which I was able to be part of (just one of the many things that wasn't on my schedule). Stage three was the ring. Now Becca had wanted her grandmothers engagement ring, but sadly her parents... Continue Reading →

Ugandan Cupid

While I haven't had any direct proposals while here in Uganda (Portsmouth is still winning on that front), I have had a number of offers, which were of course carefully considered before politely moving the conversation onto other topics, or escaping into a taxi. The first was rather assuming (even at the time, it was... Continue Reading →

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