Moving day

Up to this point in time, I have been staying with my lovely Ugandan mummy. But I was only meant to be here for the first four weeks (we are now on week 7). When I asked richmond a a few weeks back, when I should be leaving he said, “Yesterday. But mummy's enjoying having... Continue Reading →

Expat Life – Part Two

The second family I stayed with was Gerry and Moira's Nobel. Gerry grew up with my mother (Linda) in Northern Ireland, and they sang in the choir together. Morris currently works at the international school as an assistant head teacher. Gerry had his hands in many pies (I think that's the best way to explain... Continue Reading →

Expat Life – Part One

This week I've been enjoying the expats lifestyle visiting two missionary families here in Kampala. The night was spent with Ken & Judith Finch, who first came to Uganda with CMS Ireland working in a rural setting in a local hospital. Now they work at the International Hospital in Namuwongo and live in a very... Continue Reading →

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