I still have found memories of laughing at my brothers pronunciation of motorbike as a child. Granted I was too young to remember it myself, but the memories of my mother are enough to bring a smile to anyone's face. Here in Uganda we have a great many motorbike riders here, having driven a motorbike... Continue Reading →

Driving in Uganda

So since I arrived I have been asked if I wished to drive in Uganda (my British licence allows me, or so I'm under the impression of, to drive abroad). The advantage here in Uganda is we colonised them properly and they drive on the right side of the road (we didn't do such a... Continue Reading →

A Cake to Remember

I'm coming close to the end of my time here in Uganda. Its funny how are the start of new seasons time seems to move slowly, but when the end comes into sight that perception of time changes, and suddenly you don't know where it's all gone. I've been here for just over two months... Continue Reading →

Prayer Mountain

My grandfathers grave sits in the shadow of Prayer Mountain. Above Uganda Christian University sits 72-acres of prime hotel real estate dedicated to prayer. Many years before a wealth pastor donated the land he owned and raised enough month to purchase the feast of the 72-acres before transferring it into the ownership of a non-profit... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Needs

It's important to note I'm not trying to describe doctrine in the following post, this is more food for thought, something to chew on!. Those of you who walk in christian circles are sure to of heard of spiritual gifts. You may even be able to rattle off your “top three gifts”and tell me how... Continue Reading →

The Model of Service

Okay, so Jesus is our ultimate model of service, but I think it's helpful to have example of what this looks like in as a flawed human being and I think Ugandan women model service to a level I have never seen before. Teddy, for example get up at 5:30am every morning to make sure... Continue Reading →

Moving day

Up to this point in time, I have been staying with my lovely Ugandan mummy. But I was only meant to be here for the first four weeks (we are now on week 7). When I asked richmond a a few weeks back, when I should be leaving he said, “Yesterday. But mummy's enjoying having... Continue Reading →

The Proposal – Part Three

My final post dipicting an epic saga. The story of one man, winning his bride for himself (okay, maybe a little dramatic, but this is love, I'm aloud artistic licence). We had a agreed the previous night to wake up early to see the sun rise – that way we retained the surprise for as... Continue Reading →

The Proposal – Part Two

This is the second of three posts covering the very romantic proposal of too good friends here in Uganda, which I was able to be part of (just one of the many things that wasn't on my schedule). Stage three was the ring. Now Becca had wanted her grandmothers engagement ring, but sadly her parents... Continue Reading →

The Proposal – Part One

I have had to hold my tongue on this, for a while, as it was all a surprise. I would of loved to tell you all about it as it progressed, but you will have to make so with hearing it after the fact in the next three posts. Oh, and no, it wasn’t me... Continue Reading →

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