Location: Bajjo, ku majani

Bajjo is in the Seeta region of Kampala, near to Mukono and about an hour in no traffic from Kampala town centre (or two or three if the traffic is bad). Although now considered part of Kampala as the city centre has expanded, it wasn't originally. To get to the town centre, from Mummy's house... Continue Reading →

Profile: Pastor Peter Mugabi

Pastor Peter is very work know. He started as the pastor of New Life Baptist Church, and now works as the General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Uganda, overseeing 2000 church's across Uganda. We met and had a good discussion about our future relationship. He's very keen that this isn't a once off trip,... Continue Reading →

Location: Mummy’s House

Mummy's house is where I'm living  for the first month of my trip. It's very nice, and I live their with a number of other people (Arthur being one of them). The house has four or five bedrooms, most of which have a few beds in. My room has three beds in, though I'm blessed... Continue Reading →

Profile: Gerald – Elder

Gerald is one of the six elders here at New Life Baptist Church, he became a Christian in primary school. He used to board, and one of the teachers would take students to church on the Sunday. At first he went along as a good excuse to get out of school for the day, but... Continue Reading →

Profile: Arthur – Youth Pastor

Arthur works part-time for New life Baptist Church as the Youth Pastor. He's also in the process of developing his replacements in the worship team, where he has previously led worship for the church. The rest of his working time is taken up as a TV Presenter for the national broadcasters. Arthur does two shows,... Continue Reading →

Even in Uganda I…

It seems that even travelling 6000 miles to a different content to, they still think long hair means I am a women! When I arrived at Entebbe Airport it took an hour to queue for a visa, and, after looking at me, and then to my passport photo, and then back to me, the only... Continue Reading →

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