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Tying the Knot

A story wouldn’t be complete without a happy ending. So it would be unfair for me not to complete the story that was one of my popular posts while in Uganda.

In the city of Columbus, Ohio, I got to wear one of the most expensive suits I shall ever own rent (it was made by Vera Wang). I had the honour of being a groomsman at Arthur and Becca’s wedding, here in the US.

Strategic, as I am, I awoke around 3:30am UK time to attend my 7:45am flight. There are advantages to being early for a flight, I can’t think of any at the moment, but I am sure there are some. I ended up at Heathrow and was through security with two hours to spare (check-in wasn’t even open when I arrived).

The logic to getting a very early flight was in offsetting the jet lag occurred with a five hour time difference. I had a row of seats to myself (no one is stupid enough to get a flight at 7:45am!) so I enjoyed the poor man’s first class experience(three seats to lie down on, with all the pillows at one end). I made it to Ohio in one piece and survived till 3am (UK time) before retiring to bed – Genius.

The wedding was hosted by Becca’s parents church and it was an excellent opportunity to be reunited with Richmond, Gerald and Rose (from Uganda). Sadly, Arthurs/Richmond’s/my Ugandan mummy was unable to get to the US, but we had a quick catch up over the phone before the ceremony began. We had succeeded in our groomsman duties. Arthur had made it to the church after a night out in a strip mall bar (strip = a line of shops) and a visit to White Castle (famous for how bad its fast food is. I couldn’t eat any of it… except some cheesecake on a stick. Yes, it came on a stick.)

Becca looked wonderful, and unlike British weddings, where the Bride and Groom tend to be rather quiet when reciting their vows, I could hear them both load and clear. Although, I am not usually standing three people away from the happy couple at British weddings, so that may have had something to do with it.


Andy Galpin

Andy Galpin

Business Consultant for IBM. Passionate about God, and equipping His church to fulfil the great commission. Posts on mission, culture, leadership and recruitment. My opinions are all my own.