The Proposal – Part Two

This is the second of three posts covering the very romantic proposal of too good friends here in Uganda, which I was able to be part of (just one of the many things that wasn’t on my schedule).

Stage three was the ring. Now Becca had wanted her grandmothers engagement ring, but sadly her parents hadn’t brought it over with them when they visited. Instead after they returned Arthur enlisted the help of a friend travelling from the U.S. The day before she was due to leave, Becca’s father sent the ring, special delivery and she she received it just before she left. Ring now in the right country (and Becca none the wiser), we were ready to move to stage four!)

On location, with the tents setup we enjoyed a nice dinner at the campsite restaurant. Later in the evening we transitioned to the fire pit to enjoy what any good camping trip has to contain (toasted marshmallows). They aren’t easy to find here in Uganda, but Becca managed to find some nice ones (I manage to find some not so nice ones), and we used them to make S’mores (biscuit, chocolate, toasted marshmallow, biscuit on top). Which were sickly sweet and extremely tasty.


After a night time wonder (to the place where the proposal would take place), we retired to the tent. The girls went to sleep, and the boys started working (we had lots to do).

Arthur had brought five photos of him and Becca to use as as clues. I held the torch while he poured out his heart (awwwww), and wrote nice things and clues to follow on the back of the photos. Everything else had to wait till morning, so we retired to sleep (or lack of it). I’m not sure if it was due to excitement, or just the uncomfortableness of the floor in a thin sleeping bag!

We went to sleep around 00:30am and after waking up at 03:00 we eventually got up at around 05:45 to set the wheels in motion. We had the pictures, we had some wool and we had a few nails (Arthur had picked the wool up on-route informing everyone his sister was in desperate need of it, and wasn’t able to get it for herself – sadly I believed him despite knowing what was going to happen the next day!)

We retraced our steps from the night before, tying wool around the trees to act as markers, and nailing the pictures in place for the clues. When we reached the final location, the sun was begging to rise. Arthur quickly setup the heart shaped blanket and tuned up his guitar. I left with the first clue in hand to wake the girls!

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