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Saying Goodbye

Well, the “end is nigh”, all good things must come to an end, and my time in Uganda is no exception. I have to say goodbye. Although it has been an excellent experience, challenging me in many ways and allowing me to explore some family history, I’m also looking forward to returning home.

During my time here I met so many wonderful people. I’ve inherited a new mummy, who will forever look after me (when I visit Uganda anyway). I was by so many people who live such fulfilling lives. I’ve been part of a proposal, designed a leadership training program, learnt and taught a new bible study method, written, directed and edited a million dollar video and advised in different areas of an NGO. Action packed.

In Uganda they enjoy life and are also more grateful for life itself, than I feel we are in the west. I will certainly miss the positivity here.

At church on Sunday they took some time out of the service to thank me for the work I had been doing during my time here, they also presented me with a wonderfully large card and a custom-made shirt to take back with me (one of the men in the congregation makes custom designed shirts).

When I return to the UK I have a short break before I start with IBM, as a Business Consultant. I’m really looking forward to being home (those who know me well, know how much I like England), and for the new challenge that’s ahead of me

Andy Galpin

Andy Galpin

Business Consultant for IBM. Passionate about God, and equipping His church to fulfil the great commission. Posts on mission, culture, leadership and recruitment. My opinions are all my own.