Moving day

Up to this point in time, I have been staying with my lovely Ugandan mummy. But I was only meant to be here for the first four weeks (we are now on week 7). When I asked richmond a a few weeks back, when I should be leaving he said, “Yesterday. But mummy’s enjoying having you so much that she’s happy for you to stay!” So that has been very nice, and saved me lots of money.

At the start of my trip Elder Gerald invited me to stay with him and his family. I am keen to experience as much of the culture as I can, and that includes the different parts of the city, and the way different people live life. On Sunday afternoon I moved most of my stuff over to his house to join Joan (wife), Jeremy (son) and Teddy (sister). My bed has increased in size to a double bed, which is very comfortable, but I have lost my ensuite (which was a lit of a luxury anyway!) We eat dinner as a family, which is nice, rather than on my own or with mummy.

This is a good example of how the culture has developed between generations. Gerald has a relatively young family, whereas mummy’s children are all quite grown up. You can see where men used to be served first, and eat alone (or with the other adult males in the house), now the family eats as a unit, and the children are only related to the floor when their isn’t enough seats!

We close the evening with prayer as a family, sharing our schedules for the week with each other. When you staying with people you always value feeling part of the family, and in both houses I’ve stayed at, I’ve very quickly felt at home!

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