Profile: Soapbox – Shaun and Kathy Murphy

I first met Shaun at our annual Gateway Conference (, held in Portsmouth. My Pastor, Dan Harman (City Life Church), had been on a Soapbox mission trip to Nepal, in his younger days, so met Shaun and become good friends during that time. When I had my start date confirmed for my new job, I knew I had two months I could use to invest my skill set in the developing world. Shaun and Kathy stepping in and were able to organise me this trip with very little notice. Most other organisations could do something so last minute (some request you apply six months before, others up to a year!). I don’t disagree with the time they ask for (leaves plenty of time for organisation and training), but it wasn’t working in my favour this time around.
Soapbox is already well respected amongst the people I’m working with, so that gives a little credibility starting off as well, rather than being completely unknown.

I am very grateful for the hard work and speedy organisation that have enabled me to be hear serving with New Life, The Baptist Union of Uganda and PDN. If your interested in finding out more about SoapBox, short term mission trips, or the umbrella organisation Act4Africa (, check out the SoapBox website:

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