Profile: Pastors Discipleship Network (PDN)

The Pastors Discipleship Network (PDN) is based about midway between Seta (where I live), and New Life Baptist Church (in Kireka). They have about seven members of staff who work here running the network, organising the conferences, putting together the training, and many other things. Patrick looks after the place, and lives next door (he’s one of my favourite* people).
There are also regional directors who look after the organisation side of things (transport, communication, venues) for the conferences and training events that happen in the region. This is essential, as the team from the base in in Kampala will travel many hours to host the regional conferences (I’m attending one in early October that is 7 hours away, in Soroti).

One of my favourite things here at PDN is the library – we have a wealth of resources that any Pastor/Teacher would be at home in! I can live without the internet for writing my sermons when I have a library of 500+ books at my disposal… So I made good use of that in preparation for my message on Sunday.

The space here at PDN is great, but its not suitable for hosting large groups, and they still have to rent out venues in order to host there local conferences. Part of the vision is for a training centre to be built on a plot of land near the office. This will reduce the costs of running their events here in Kampala, and also allow them to accommodate more pastors who are hungry to learn from Gods word.

For more information of PDN, check out:, PDNAfrica on facebook, or @PDNAfrica on twitter.

*Patrick is a trained gourmet chief, and he cooks lunch for everyone, everyday…

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