Profile: Arthur – Youth Pastor

Arthur works part-time for New life Baptist Church as the Youth Pastor. He’s also in the process of developing his replacements in the worship team, where he has previously led worship for the church. The rest of his working time is taken up as a TV Presenter for the national broadcasters. Arthur does two shows, the first is a story time, the second is pretty awesome. Kathmandu is a big place, and children can often get separated from their families and unable to return. Arthur takes children who have become lost, and uses TV as a medium to help reconnect them with their families. The success rate is about 50%, which I thought was pretty impressive, and a great practical mission.

Arthurs parents died when he was in his early teens, and at a similar time he met Richmond (now Pastor Richmond), was invited along to church and shortly after gave his life to the Lord. Mummy Richmond (or Mummy Andy as she now likes to be called), took him in and he became part of their family. He continues to live with Mummy Richmond, where I am also staying for the first part of my trip, in Bajjo ku majani (Bajjo is the area, and ku majani means “near the tea”, because the land used to be a tea plantation).

Arthur has a big heart for the youth of Uganda (here youth refers to age 14-30ish), he’s 34 himself so just moved out of that category, but the population of Uganda is one of the youngest, with approximately 60% of the population being under 34.

He’s in love with a beautiful American girl from Ohio called Bekah, who’s been in Uganda for just over a year and is now working with a great ministry in the process of being a NGO (Non-Govermental Organisation) that works with young girls stuck in sex trade.

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